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Dressage Tests

Dressage Test - EA Elementary 3.2 (Effective 1/1/14) ea-elementary-3.2_0.pdf View Download
Dressage test - EA Medium 4.2 (Effective 1/1/14) ea-medium-4.2_0.pdf View Download
Dressage Test - EA Novice 2.2 (Effective 1/1/14) ea-novice-2.2_0.pdf View Download
Dressage Test - Preliminary 1.2 (Effective 1/1/14) preliminary-1.2_0.pdf View Download
Dressage test EA-PN-1 ea-pre-novice-pn1.pdf View Download
Dressage test Prep E
E dressage
2017-ea_prep_test_e_60x20.pdf View Download
Dressage test-EA-P-1 ea-preliminary-p1.pdf View Download
Dressage test-EA-PN-2 ea-pre-novice-pn2.pdf View Download
Dressage Tests EvA80 and EvA90- 1.2 and 3
Cross Country tests
dressage-eva-80-eva95-123.pdf View Download
Dressage tests selected for 2018
A4 list
pcasa-dressage-tests-hoty-games-for-2018.pdf View Download
Dressage tests-EvA105-1 & 2.
Cross Country Tests
dressage-tests-eva-105-1-2.pdf View Download
EA-Prep dressage tests A-B/B-C-D
Prep B tests have been changed. There are two one for 40-20 and one for 20-60.
ea-preparatory-tests.pdf View Download
Grade 4 Test A 4a2009.pdf View Download
Grade 4 Test B 4b2009.pdf View Download
Grade 4 Test C 4c2009.pdf View Download
Grade 4 Test D 4d2009.pdf View Download
Grade 5 Test A 5a2009.pdf View Download
Grade 5 Test B 5b2009.pdf View Download
Grade 5 Test C 5c2009.pdf View Download
Team of Four - tests 1- 2-3 & diagrams
Team of four on the Flat test and diagrams for test 1, test 2 & test 3
team-of-four-tests-1-2-3-diagrams.pdf View Download
Team of four. Presentation score sheet.
T of 4
presentation.pdf View Download
Team of Four. Side judge score sheet
score-sheet-to4f1.pdf View Download
Walk-Trot Dressage Test for Inexperienced Riders riderwtrot.pdf View Download