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Mounted Games

Bank Race Group 6 2017
New game for group 6 2017
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Games Pack 2017 (IMGE rule book posted Jan.13 ) State Champs and Zone finals-Groups 5 and 6 for 2017 Including the run & ride and Bank Race which are in group 5 and 6
Groups 5 and 6 An International rules for Mounted Games was posted to all Clubs in Jan 2013 and to be kept for future reference by ALL Club and Zone Secretaries. Packs were issued and all Clubs will have copies of the 2011 rules. The 2017 PCASA rule book will reflect the new games and their groups. PCASA State champs games will run from IMGE rules as was selected at the 2015 PCASA AGM. Copies can be found on this site.
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Junior, Senior and Adult Horse and Rider of the Year Combination Novelty No.1 hoy1.pdf View Download
Mounted Games Application to train with Games Squad
PCASA Mounted Games Training Squad
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Mounted games for 2017 State Champs and Zone finals.Groups 5 and 6
New groups
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Mounted Games Squad Training
Do you want to learn the pony club games that are run at individual and team competitions?
Experience in games is not essential as riders will learn the different techniques it takes to ride the games.
All riders under 26 are accepted, all you need is to be a current financial member of your club, have a horse or pony, and a great sense of humour – for a day of fun and enjoyment.
Contacts: State Office on 08 72251805
Please fill out an application form (under Mounted Games) if you wish to take part in any of the training days. Send the form to PCASA office or bring the form with you - this will also enable you to be on the mailing list and receive updates of all training days.
Trainings start at 9.30 for registration - training from 10am - 3pm. A fee of $10 per rider is payable on the day.
It is advised to bring own lunch and refreshments to all training days unless advised otherwise.
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Mounted Games Trailer Hire
Trailer and equipment $150 per day
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Run & Ride
New game for Group 5 2017
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