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Rule Book

2018 Rule book for printing
Complete rule book
2018-complete-rule-book.pdf View Download
Appendix Rule changes for 2018
Rule changes.
rule-changes-for-2018.pdf View Download
Appendix to 2018 Rule book
To be used with the 2018 Rule book for printing.
appendix-to-2018-rule-book.pdf View Download
Check list following a fall
New Document
check-list-and-clearance-to-ride-1-6-2017.pdf View Download
Helmet Tags
13-helmet-tags.pdf View Download
Pony Rides as a Fundraiser pony-rides-as-a-fundraiser.pdf View Download
Rule Book Admin Pg 5-14 2018-rule-book-admin-pg-5-14.pdf View Download
Rule Book Cover Page, Aims and Objectives cover.pdf View Download
Rule Book Dressage pg 86-89 5dressage18-pg-86-89.pdf View Download
Rule Book Eventing pg 68-80 3eventing18-pg68-80.pdf View Download
Rule Book games pg 90-95 7games18-pg-90-95.pdf View Download
Rule Book General 30 - 41 1bgr-2018-pg30-41.pdf View Download
Rule Book general Saddlery & Acc pg 42-48 1cgr-2018-saddlery-acc-pg-42-48.pdf View Download
Rule book Index pg 1-4 2018-rule-book-index-pg-1-4.pdf View Download
Rule Book Instructors & Ach Patches Pg 54-67 2instructxx2018-instructors-ach-patches-pg54-67.pdf View Download
Rule book Interpacific & Awards Pg 49-53 1dgr-2018-interpacific-awards-pg-49-53.pdf View Download
Rule Book Policies pg 15-30 2018-rule-book-policies-pg-15-30.pdf View Download
Rule Book Show Jumping Pg 81-85 4showjump.2018-pg-81-85.pdf View Download