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Rule Book

10. Check list following a fall
New Document
2015-check-list-following-a-fall.pdf View Download
12. Rule changes for 2017
Rule changes.
12-rule-changes-for-2017.pdf View Download
2015 Helmet issue for PC
From PCA
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7.SC.State Championships
State Champs
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9. Myler bits
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Grievance Policy grievance-policy.pdf View Download
Nationals 2017 Training and information
Zone to State training
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No.1. Cover Page, Aims and Objectives 0cover.pdf View Download
No.11. Pony Rides as a Fund Raiser 11-pony-rides-as-a-fund-raiser.pdf View Download
No.1A. General Rules, including Policy Statements 1-agr-2017.pdf View Download
No.1B General rules
1-bgr-2017.pdf View Download
No.1C General Rules
1-cgr-2017.pdf View Download
No.1D General Rules
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No.2. Instruction Policy and Information 2-instruct-2017.pdf View Download
No.3. Eventing Rules 3-eventing-2017.pdf View Download
No.4. Showjumping Rules and Information 4-showjump-2017.pdf View Download
No.5. Dressage Rules and Information 5-dressage-2017-.pdf View Download
No.6. Mounted Games Rules 6-games-2017.pdf View Download
No.8. Rules- EA 2015 approved bits.
EA bits
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