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Risk Management


2016 Hendra Virus Report
Hendra virus EquiVac vaccine and its use by veterinary surgeons in Queensland.
2016-hendra-virus-equivac-vaccine-and-its-use-by-veterinary-surgeons-in-queensland.pdf View Download
pcasa-acknowledgement.pdf View Download
Coronavirus coronavirus.pdf View Download
Coronavirus memo coranavirus_memo.pdf View Download
Covid-19 Update 21st Nov 2020
Please monitor for all updates
covid-update-21-nov-2020.pdf View Download
Falls form
Falls form to be filled in for all falls of a rider.
check-list-and-clearance-to-ride-1-1-2018.pdf View Download
Hendra Vaccination Advice Document hendra-vaccination-advice-document.pdf View Download
PCA Incident report a4-size-pca-incident-report-poster-with-qr-code-1.pdf View Download
PCA Incident report
Scan QR code and it will take you to the report form
a4-size-pca-incident-report-poster-with-qr-code-1(2).pdf View Download
PCASA - Club Audit form pcasa-audit-list-2018.pdf View Download
PCASA Risk Management Policy
PCASA Risk Management Policy
pcasa_-risk-management-policy_2020-v1-signed-2021.pdf View Download
PCASA work Health & Safety Policy
PCASA work Health & Safety Policy
pcasa_health-and-safety-policy_2020-v1-signed-2021.pdf View Download
PCASA- Pony Club Rallies and Events Tool Box.
Pony Club Tool Box.
pcasa_rally_event_toolbox.pdf View Download
PCASA- Rally inspection checklist - Clubrooms.
pcasa_rally-inspection-checklist_clubrooms.pdf View Download
PCASA-Contractors induction checklist
pcasa_contractors-induction-checklist_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Guidelines for event radio system
pcasa_radio_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Hazard management policy
pcasa_-hazard-management-policy_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-induction example
pcasa_-induction-example_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Inspection sheets for grounds with Stables and Yards.
Inspection sheets.
pca-sa_-inspection-checklist-for-grounds-with-stable-yards_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Risk assessment manual handling
pcasa document
pcasa_risk-assessment-manual-handling_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Work health and safety and what it means for PCASA Volunteers
pcasa_volunteer-resource-kit_intro.pdf View Download
PCASA-Work request hazard form
pcasa_works-request-hazard-report-_2013.pdf View Download
Welfare of horses Protocols pocket edition
Horse welfare, Health and well being
horse-welfare-pocket-guide-for-clubs.pdf View Download
Welfare Officers for Horses
Horse welfare officers
horse-welfare-officer-pp2.pdf View Download
Working Bees
pcasa_working bees
pcasa_working-bee.pdf View Download